Improving Our Quality of Life


Artesia is home to many generational families, so it is imperative to ensure our city's top priorities are its residents and public safety.

  • Public Safety. I have been walking around Artesia and almost every day Iā€™m hearing about continuous car and home burglaries just over the last several weeks. And in one instance in the last several weeks, an elderly couple told their neighbor that someone hijacked their car and demanded they drive them to their destination. The couple did not report this because they felt like nothing would have been done. I NEVER want anyone to think that our system is failing them. I would attend public safety commission meetings, meet with our sheriffs and neighborhood watches regularly to ensure that residents feel safe in their own neighborhoods and make sure we are adequately funding public safety.

  • Illegal Dumping. Another major issue is the dumping of unwanted items curbside in our neighborhoods. This has been a concern for many years and I am open to exploring a penalty to those who dump curbside.

  • A Walkable Community. We are 1.62 square miles and we should be able to safely walk or ride a bike around town and seek all our amenities here. I advocated for green space before and I most certainly will again.

  • Investing In the Environment. Also, Council Members receive a monthly car stipend, so I would voluntarily give this up to explore the possibility of investing these dollars into an environmental program.

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